Building Resilience

...Survival Skills for the 21st. Century.

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Why Choose Us?

We are a multicultural, multilingual group of five with broad backgrounds and a common interest; improving the human response to adversity. Our mission is to create, promote and distribute affordable training and tools to help build resilience for those in need, and today, that includes all of us.

-We believe that resilience is key to managing personal and global stressors.

-We know that resilience can be learned.

-We create tools that support the acquisition of resilience Skills & Attitudes.

-We help to build resilient communities one individual at a time.

About Us

Building Resilience, L.L.C.

We provide resilience training and tools to individuals and communities (organizations, institutions, businesses, and/or agencies) that wish to promote independent management of adversity and problem-solving among their members. We wish to reduce the dependency of individuals/communities on services, systems, and administrators to provide solutions to 21st-century challenges. We work with those who have a desire to create an atmosphere of peer support and mentoring within their communities.